Antique Secrets

Passage back into dreams I’ve seen

can be bought with the last drop of rain

fallen in a land made desert

or the first leaf to die before winter

I exit stage left to reach the marketplace

where shades sell their antique secrets

to travellers through this place of broken time

Somewhere here are the makings of a nightmare

ready to be stitched together

and flown high above the banners of war

I know what waits at the end and yet

marching on and on I go to make my mark

on sand dunes shifting with slow desert tides

Are you more driven by money, fame, or neither?

Photo by Cobro on Unsplash

9 responses to “Antique Secrets”

  1. To be honest I am motivated to keep my mental health in a good place. However, I do love money, but not just for doing any task. I much rather make money doing something I enjoy than something I despise.
    As for fame, never wanted it and don’t need it. however, somehow it finds me out in the “real” world all the time…or is it infamy that keeps knocking at my door. hmm

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