King in Chains

The world comes through as reflections on glass And I wonder what those on the other side see If anyone exists in the room beyond the window Longing as I do to step off the ledge...

One Town Over

The street is lined with silent watchers A spectacle of starlight above and below the horizon Where their minds live, where their souls dream...


A band of self-made misfits Standing together in a half-moon Lips wrapped around lit cigarettes With filters packed full of gunpowder—

Little One

Little one at the edge of Moon Lake Eyes cast upon the surface Hand grasping at wisps of fog That roll translucent out of the dark waters

The City I Dream

In my dreams I walk through a cityI do not know which, but it is ancient.All around are the great works of its peopleThough they appear unweatheredTheir craftsmen are nowhere to be found.The beauty fills my heart with sadnessAnd my mind with fear.Over everything lies a deep expectancyAs if I am waiting for the comingOf... Continue Reading →

In the Ash Grove

Sighs that shatter miles of still airHang between us.Breaths that break my heartWith their echoes of sadnessHang between us.Her lips carry a sad smileChin resting on perfect handEyes that cannot see The world before themBut are lost in visions Of shimmering light and colorBeyond truth and reasonWhere thought gathers in poolsAnd raindrops spill memoryUpon the... Continue Reading →

She Went On

I am awake in this dream worldWhere the days are colored by liquid shadowThe nights sing softly of what lives beyondBehind each door a world of desolation beckonsWindows reflect shades of purple and silverOne walks on, key in hand, searching for the way throughPathways crumble after she has passed overTired eyes mark her stepsCreatures to... Continue Reading →

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