This is a sky that speaks

with the voices of prophets who looked to it

in searching for the secrets of dawn

This is a sky of ritual

of a circle drawn red in sand

and eyes lost in the flames of candles

that flicker and sputter but never seem to die

This is a sky of descending gods

passersby to a world given way to dreaming

who see all the red circles in the sand
the reflections of a million eyes turned skyward

and smile as they fall back to the night

I usually don’t try to explain what my posts “mean,” but this one is a bit different. This is a poem about NEOWISE. If you live in a part of the world where the comet is visible to you—GO OUT TONIGHT AND TRY TO SEE IT! I wasn’t sure if it would be high enough in the sky for me to see, but went out looking anyway. All a sudden, there it was—almost like another star, but with a faint tail streaking away behind it. I can see it just standing in my backyard, without any equipment beyond the naked eye. A cosmic wanderer whose path for a brief window has intersected our own, at a time when much of the world could benefit from taking a moment to stare silently at the night sky, and the infinity that waits beyond it. I’m going to take my camera out tonight and try to get some long exposure shots if it’s another clear night—will report back.

Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash

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