Empty Eyes

My hands touched the face of a thing made clean

baptized in blood and wine when no one could tell the difference

The dead rose also from the still waters

and went following the lantern light into smoke-filled lands

a procession of empty eyes upon the world

who saw only the beckoning hand

and heard only a beautiful voice

soft in their ears

whispering of memories already grown vague

But it was enough

Enough to light the cleansing fire

to incinerate the forest and leave only more smoke, more ash

falling like snow on the sunken ones

who waited beneath the still waters

for a reaper song to carry them away to the world’s rebirth

Just realized I have two weeks left before I move back to Denver, when for some reason in my head I thought I only had one. Yay?

Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash

3 responses to “Empty Eyes”

  1. Turn away! look no more upon that face!
    Scrub clean your hands in the desert sand,
    touch not the water in those dark pools.
    Be not lured by by ghostly lights into the foul murk
    that will rob clarity from your eyes.
    Where cold hands will guide you away from truth,
    a siren song the only sound,
    whispering cacophony in your ears,
    drowning memories once held dear,
    creating doubt, kindling rage.
    Rage that ignites a soul consuming flame
    who’s oily smoke rises from a slag heap of once feeling hearts,
    choking with gritty cinders
    the thralls who follow close behind,
    locking step in the charlatan’s greener grass.

    Your poem came alive in my dark, twisted, frustrated, somewhat dismayed and disgusted with the general incompetence of those who are supposed to be competent, but still hopeful and optimistic imagination. I have fun responding like this. Great work, now I’ll have to try to catch up on what I’ve missed.

    I’ve been on break for a while, not much time for writing, composing, or reading. I will be working on changing that soon.
    I’m up way past my bed time and have an early morning tomorrow.
    Good night and be well Mitch.

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