What answers wait among the lights of heaven

beyond sorrow and the death of all things?

Frozen always in this moment

I can only stare at the promise of more

bound here to my place at the table

before a feast turning to dust as I watch


this illusion of plenty granted me by the night

so that I might forget the storms raging on high seas

the wind that calls with its soft music

Turn it to silence and look again to the sky of stars

mirrored consciousness radiating down

over and through those nerve endings of a dying god

I would definitely hook my brain up to a computer if it were possible. If I end up part of the Borg, so be it.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

4 responses to “Starving”

  1. Is that what Dune Messiah is about, hooking your brain up to a big computer?

    But remember what Madeleine L’Engle expressed about the giant brain, IT, and the way people were forced into perfect uniformity under its control. This was not a desirable thing, in her view, and what broke the spell of cold rationality was Meg’s love for her brother Charles Wallace.

    I think I agree with her. Individuals are unique by nature and ought to be kept that way. I wouldn’t want to be so much data in the Matrix.

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    • I need to finish the Dune series I think… I’ve only read the first book so far!

      That’s the main concern I have every time I think about the brain/computer hookup. Gotta make sure no one can get in and control your connection…

      I suppose humans do need to stay individualized–we’ve seen too many historical examples of forced conformity going poorly…

      I think about the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (can’t remember the episode title) where the Enterprise captures an single member of the Borg and through its interactions with the crew it begins to develop an individualized identity.


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