Voiceless, Screaming

The gatekeeper was replaced when the final page turned

Bloodless shadow now seeping through

to eat away at light that was already dying

long before these hands came to rattle the bars of the cage

voiceless, screaming to be set free

from storybook lands turned to nightmare

This once enchanted forest 

now a home to something from the deep

out of passages once barricaded

Coming slowly to feed on those who raise their hands

in worship of the creeping death

who give themselves to shadow and a hope for corruption

to become one with decay

and live in this lost paradise as idols carved from waking death

What’s the worst job you ever had?

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

6 responses to “Voiceless, Screaming”

  1. Great poem, I relate to voiceless screaming. My worst job was short–5 months as matron in a police department. Made for a continuing love-hate regard for the folks in blue, unfortunately…

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      • It’s a horror story…it was the summer of 1981 or ’82. I got hired because I was 25 and very pretty, and had taken one Police Science course in college. (I was also excellent at typing mistake-free reports–one of which involved me accompanying a patrol officer to a rape call, to take the victim’s statement–because there were no female officers.)
        The sexual harassment was significant–which explains my short 5-month tour. The chief’s secretary knew things I didn’t about a specific officer–who preyed on female personnel, and had caused at least one other matron to leave town in the middle of the night. She advised me to speak to the chief–which did not go well. The officer in question skated each time. After I left, the one detective who sided with me privately but was too chicken to stand up publicly–told me that, rather than penalize the officer, the new department policy came down: NO young, attractive women would ever be hired again for that position. I bet you wish you hadn’t asked 🙂 And probably it would be prudent to delete this after you read, thanks.

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      • Wow, I’m incredibly sorry you had to go through that. Seems the problems that we’re facing today with police around the nation are deep seated and come from long habits. I wouldn’t blame you if you want to remove this, but at the same time I do think it is important that people hear stories like this, that these things are brought out publicly so that no one is allowed to skirt justice and remain above the law–especially those who are sworn to uphold it. Hope you’re doing well!


      • It’s on your blog, so whether it’s deleted is up to you–if you think it’s helpful to leave it up, fine. I don’t have much faith in the #metoo movement.


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