Eyes Wide

Laughing faces on the edge of darkness Twisting in the blue-gold light, the digital glow Eyes are windows into shadow, or mirrors And these cliffs that tumble out of the forest To drown themselves in the raging sea From heights lost to a woolen sky...


Treetops reach up out of scattered poisons on the forest floor Refuse and rejects left behind from a picnic in foreign sunlight Lying unclaimed on earth that cannot bear its weight


Hands scarred and hardened with useStrike wood and metal to create steel magicCoaxing demon cries from the choking neckBending wails echo off marble ceilingsScreaming upward ever higher To pierce the veil and reign in new dayHeralded by thunder.A thousand kings march to slow deathPassing into shadow without care or thoughtSwept into the wash of timeAlready... Continue Reading →

Two Point Creek

               Quiet footsteps and hushed voices passed down our street, knocking gently on doors, afraid to break the sleepy peace within. Behind them followed a wake of dread that settled like cement into the heart of anyone who heard the news.                “Been there a few days…”                “Just barely started to rust…”                “Looks... Continue Reading →

The Hillside, or The Pallbearer

It doesn’t matter how carefully I walk on wet grass— The water always finds a way to seep into my shoes. Strange thought to have when carrying what I am. Four of us lead the way to the hillside. The dead here are buried high up To make their ascent just a little easier. Beneath... Continue Reading →

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