While the World Sleeps

There’s this sensation of freefall all the time

even when on long walks while the world sleeps

the sky seems just to be letting go

and the fall is endless down into solitude

Maybe on the way down my eyes will open

and just when it gets too dark to see

I’ll notice the way the shadows move

somehow alive, somehow reaching out to me

and only when the darkness has blinded me

will I realize the sound of breathing here

like the world’s last sigh

and wonder what else has fallen into shadow

Has a book ever brought you to tears?

Photo by Nick Bondarev from Pexels

13 responses to “While the World Sleeps”

  1. I cried the last time I read Pride and Prejudice, especially where Darcy tells Elizabeth, “I am sorry— exceedingly sorry.” And again when Mr Bennet expresses to Elizabeth that she’s too good for Darcy.

    Have you ever read Jane Austen? It is the peak of civilized life. Nothing else quite like it.

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