Pastel Masterpieces

What was said was an anthem screamed into heaven

interpreted by wanton devils

wandering mundus, seeking revelation

and creating their own pastel masterpieces

Wonder at the beauty that carelessness can create

while asking the most necessary question—

is everything a devil’s work in paradise

or is the touch of divinity here

among worldly things, shadowed things

cast as silhouettes upon the walls we built

as we wait for the hand that will tear them down?

When all else fails, where do you go for inspiration?

Photo by Yang Shuo on Unsplash

8 responses to “Pastel Masterpieces”

    • I’m very sorry to hear that. It may seem like just a platitude, but I’ve really found that people are right when they say inspiration comes to us when we’re working. I certainly hope you find inspiration soon–the world needs all of us to keep writing!


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