Sun and Candle

Stare into the depths of despair and grief

Find hopelessness in the movements of the stars

Every wavelength decaying

every sigh another step toward annihilation

See what it is to watch the sky fall

and wonder if the dawn will ever come

Then deny the writing on the wall

Turn away the guest at your door

who begs for shelter from a falling sky

and whispers of the next soul to come—

who seeks shelter not from the blotted out sun

but from the candlemaker who works to replace its light



I’m done giving consideration to the hateful ideas of others. If you have an opinion that involves the belief that one group of humans is somehow less than the rest of us, then you’re wrong. It really is as simple as that. Look around you at the mass of humanity that covers the surface of this world—you are one of them. I am one of them. Every individual is one of “them.” “Them” is humanity, and—I’m sorry any of who have not read this side of me—the collective “us” doesn’t give a shit about what your “god” has to say about it. If you want to unfollow me, go right ahead.

I have nothing against religion, or religious people. I have EVERYTHING against those who use their religion as a crutch to justify intolerance toward those who live different lives than them. By all means, use your religion as a personal pathway forward into eternity. However, if your religious ideals dictate prejudice against entire groups of human beings, then you can take those ideals and shove them you know exactly where.

I was raised religious. I heard firsthand the sermons about how we were God’s chosen people and the rest of the world was awash in sin. I lived that experience, and I came out the other end of it one of the most secular people you’ll ever know. I don’t claim to know the truth. All I claim to know is that humanity’s love outweighs its hate, and there is no need to add on to the hateful side just because your religion tells you that a certain person or group of people is less than you for some complete fucking arbitrary reason.

You can choose love.

We all can choose love.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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