Cold Together

We should not be hereBut we’re here togetherCan you feel my heartbeat?Yours strikes out in ripplesBending the still surfaceWith the racing blood in your veinsLittle earthquakes whisper I love youEven though it isn’t trueI cannot feel my fingersLegs, too, lost in the cold darknessSo I huddle closer to youSnatching at traces of warmth already drifting… Continue reading Cold Together

Lakeside Waltz

The trees are barren,Whispering in the breezeOf a winter's night.Upon the lake a dockAnd two wraiths Clad in shadows.Reflections of a thousand lives Ripple on the water Around them.No thought for the lostWho wander in the darkSearching for hopeAmong the stars,The lovers danceAwash in timeDrifting in the space Between worlds Original Photograph