Sea of Ghosts

Heroes have walked this broken path

shades lost to the wind

who come near to the throne and lay

upon the ancient stone

Given way to the spent breath of forgotten kings

in halls that still echo with their cries to the rain

What response cast out of blackest night

but the sharpest voice thrown skyward

to a pitiless sky gazing down

into light cast by a glowing lantern

is worthy of the flame casting shadows of passing souls

who know it only as the lost candle

lit on a path to the sea of ghosts?

Photo by Sacha Styles on Unsplash

4 responses to “Sea of Ghosts”

  1. Nice I think there are some amazing poetry from many talented artist and poets that have a similar theme. I wander if it has something to do with the state our world is in. Great stuff my friend. Lovely writing. Love ❤️ J

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