No More, No Less

I know that if I just dig deeper

carve enough of myself away

a pound of feathers and a pound of flesh

when all is said and done I’ll find an end

Maybe with a magic spell scratched into my bones

or voices out of dead silence that come crawling

to whisper their tales of eldritch things

lost in a slumber which every step forward seeks to break

awaken and beckon those mouths that hunger

Come forth all who lie in sepulchers below

to feast upon this world alongside the living dead

I saw a rattlesnake in the wild today. It rattled at me and everything. Maybe ten feet away from me. It’s the closest I can think of that I’ve been to an animal with the capacity to kill me. Second closest was when I was snorkeling and a few sharks were in the water with us. Could probably get away from the snake more easily than the sharks though, even with flippers on.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

3 responses to “No More, No Less”

  1. Great piece as always my friend. Loved these lines

    “Maybe with a magic spell scratched into my bones

    or voices out of dead silence that come crawling”

    My mother was bitten by a rattlesnake when she was very young. Her older sibling somehow knew to tie the only ribbon she owned around my mother’s leg just above the bite. They made it to the hospital in time but it was close.

    I enjoy your stories after your poems David. Stay safe. Hugs and love ❤️ Joni

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  2. “Ten feet from a rattlesnake.”

    I almost stepped on a rattlesnake once, it was in the brush by the trail. That line about snakes being more afraid of us than we are of them is a bunch of crap. The snake wasn’t the one that leaped ten feet in the air before running up the trail…


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