The Bookstore

The sign grabbed my attention and would not let go.Books. Used. New. Rare. Buying. Selling.Scratched in paint, a neat white column of lettersThat draws me down into the undercroft.Inside I find a man who appears even older than his waresSquinting at the world through gold spectacles.The musty smell of old dust jackets, leather, yellowing pagesFills... Continue Reading →

Tell Me of Magic

Tell me, little one, of magicIn this place, none can touch youSpeakThe world listens.I am with you in this quiet momentLet your voice melt into the babbling creekYour sighs drift away into the boughs aboveYour thoughts stray further from the world beyond.Soon we will travel away from the treesOn our way to distant lands where... Continue Reading →

Ritual By the Sea

When I came to the cove, I knew it immediately as the place I sought. The wind that had battled my advance across the open sea died as I brought my boat around the outcropping of rock that formed the entrance to the small harbor. I did not need to look at the aged photograph... Continue Reading →

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