You know me best in quiet moments before the storm breaks

when our breath alone tells a thousand stories

here behind walls we hope will hold 

against this wrath with no hatred

this assault from one with no enemy

undirected and absolute, chaotic and divine

Here we lie safe for now in the eye of an endless storm

listening to its howling voice, the lonely call

as it drifts across the face of a god

shrouding all beneath from that watchful gaze

so that as it tears itself apart, for only a moment

with eyes averted to the edges of infinity

a deity with the world held fast

might know what it is to be created

Writing by hand or typing—which do you prefer?

Photo by Mick Pollard on Unsplash

15 responses to “Created”

  1. I prefer writing by hand for sure. There’s something so calming and satisfying about the sound of the pen, the feel of it as it glides across paper and the smell of the ink 🙂

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  2. Writing by hand then transcribing is my favorite method, but I have tried to get better typing my original thoughts on the computer. I have a million notebooks, and I’m trying to transition to online notebooks instead.

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  3. I like both for different reasons, but when a computer is available, I almost exclusively type. I edit a lot as I go, and the order in which I write something is almost always different than the order of the finished piece. I find that typing gives me a lot more flexibility to make changes and move things around without cluttering up a page.

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