Old travels through worlds left behind

resurface as pale memories

in waning moonlight over dawn’s horizon

and still they are alive

though they do not know it

the deserts and the mountains and the fertile fields

suspended in waiting for the return

of one with haunted eyes

who left and could not find the way back

Photo by m wrona on Unsplash

5 responses to “Wilderness”

    • Interesting! I never thought about it that way. I’m fascinated by folks like Nostradamus, though my only exposure to him was one of those made for TV History Channel type documentaries I watched when I was a kid. I haven’t read any of his stuff! But I definitely would. Have you read it?


      • I haven’t read much of it, though it’s available as a book edited by Henry C. Roberts titled The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus, published by Crown. Hopefully it’s still in print. You might look on Amazon.

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