Altar to the Iron Sky

The birdsong above tells me I’ve walked this road before Shadows lay across it in bands of night and day Passing over me, each step a new twilight But nothing is familiar in the trees ahead...

Dead Leaf Weather

Out in the dead leaf weather a man sits Wondering where he was when the embers caught Was he hugging his daughter in the airport terminal Driving the long way home alone Or have weeks gone by since a decade turned to ash?

Walk Among the Pines

Eyes unblinking in the hollow of a tree Dead branches reaching out to me Inside the dusk that breathes through the forest. Walk among the pines, light like raindrops on silver needles A nectar not of the gods, forsaken long ago

Darkening Day

When the shadow passed overhead, I despairedAlthough it wasn’t as painful as I’d hopedThere was no fanfare to announce its arrivalOnly a slow crawl toward emptiness as the fog grew thickNo warning sounded as the shades darkenedPassion fading to grey ink stains on a tattered membraneCracked shells of hatched memory scattered behind the curtainThis path... Continue Reading →

Behind Us

Behind each foray into days whose truth has been forgottenTrails of used up bodies, broken hearts, souls emptied to the wind, lie abandoned.Happiness was given as a whisper for ears no longer listening,Still ready to radiate into the cold world of nowThough it does not stop the hands of time from growing old, moving onForgetting... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, when the sun is in just the right spot, It’s light filters through the leaves Swaying in a gentle breeze In the same way it did when I was young.   I often wish to return to the past. Looking back into memory I see Endless summer days, trips to the coast, Heroic deeds... Continue Reading →

The First Lifetime

Her thin arms bear the weight of lost youthHolding the world at bay with a glanceLips that do not part except to breathe fire Keep secrets whispered in the darknessTime has already passed her byA lifetime lived in the dawn of youthEyes hardened against the gray painSweeping through her unfathomable mindAhead lies the aftermathThe return... Continue Reading →

In the Ash Grove

Sighs that shatter miles of still airHang between us.Breaths that break my heartWith their echoes of sadnessHang between us.Her lips carry a sad smileChin resting on perfect handEyes that cannot see The world before themBut are lost in visions Of shimmering light and colorBeyond truth and reasonWhere thought gathers in poolsAnd raindrops spill memoryUpon the... Continue Reading →

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