Don’t look away or you’ll miss it

the message written in scratches on the wall

Little bits of nothing all stitched together

woven into this world’s swan song

Blink and it all could fade away

before meaning can be salvaged from the wreckage 

of a sky impaled on metal spires

I’m caught between wanting to avoid any news altogether, and feeling guilty for doing so.

Photo by Pauline Bernfeld on Unsplash

5 responses to “Blink”

  1. I believe too much consumption of news can become an echo chamber. My husband is a new hound, where as I only tune in with small doses. The last few years showed me that a lot of info is just repeated until we “accept” it, whichever slant we listen too. (and I studied journalism/mass communications). Don’t feel guilty!!!

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    • I appreciate the input! Yes, it’s shocking to realize just how much spin is put on every piece of news we hear. It gets to be too much for anyone. That’s cool that you studied journalism! It’s a field that needs all the level-headed people it can get right now, I think (though what do I know?) Cheers (:

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