Why can’t the shadows give us answers?

Every breath of longing wasted

fades where the sky becomes a flame

watched by the forest sentinels

at the fall of high stone towers

Halls overrun by nothing

yet battles won where the sky falls heavy

suffocation of a willing soul

one of many seeking clean air

amidst the corpses of all these battlefields

If you had to name one author as your main inspiration, who would it be?

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

16 responses to “Sentinel”

  1. Your question peaked my interest; my answer – John Richard Jefferies (1848 – 1887) was an English nature writer, noted for his depiction of English rural life in essays, books of natural history, and novels.

    Thank you! I always enjoy reading your posts. Very much a different genre to my normal reading 😊

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