The Way Things Are

Clawing at stone, frantic

it crumbles away to dust

and behind the wall are theater lights

Tearing at the curtain

shackled to an empty stage

the scene falls away and behind it lies a forgotten home

Pounding at the door

begging the ghosts inside to let me in

a key turns, the latch pulls back

and beyond it is a void

Staring into a dark mirror

at a face peering back at me

its mouth split in a wide smile

the glass shatters and within it

is a scream that sounds like mine

What’s your writing process? What do you do before you even put pen to paper (or hands to keyboard)?

Image by Anemone123 from Pixabay

16 responses to “The Way Things Are”

  1. Oh wow, that build up, anxiety, and reveal of the scream… Truly haunting and beautiful. It’s like breaking through an illusion to find the reality you’re in. The mirror is always true, if real. Beautifully written!

    My writing process is that I MUST read some work of Plath or Sexton. Gets me inspired, helps me use words as a soundboard. Then I think of how I feel and what feeling correlates to a topic in mind. Sometimes, I also play music before I write for inspiration, like The Smiths or The Offspring.

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  2. Usually, I’ll have considered a subject I have thought about and then just type one draft. If done in time, I’ll tweak it and edit it. If not and the deadline is looming, I’ll write another draft, maybe even a third: know what I want to write about, write it, condense it, what’s the main point I want to get across?

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  3. I have no writing rituals but I do like to make a coffee before I start. I write when I feel inspired and usually during grabbed moments between housework, home educating and other creative projects that I’ve always got on the go. I loved the build up in this piece – brilliantly written.

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