Pressure builds, the dam ready to burst

again night falls and I await catastrophe

can’t stop tearing can’t stop gnawing

teeth sunk deep into flesh red and raw

the blood bittersweet I wipe from my chin

and leave red handprints smeared all over

Everything I touch becomes a dripping rose

but the rains will come and wash it away

all the traces of my crime erased

and I’ll be already gone into the night

running toward a new world 

that waits to be bloodstained

What’s the worst writing advice anyone ever gave you?

Photo by Melchior Damu on Unsplash

15 responses to “Bloodstained”

  1. Pretty deep poem… it’s can be hard to navigate this world “properly” in a rose-eat-rose world. For me at least. So I can sympathize with the rose killer/eraser. In fact I’m sure I’ve been one some days, while just trying to survive, at least creatively. Maybe we all have been.

    Anyway, beautifully written, I admire the style and am grateful to read it, and hear it. 🌹🙏🎶

    As for the worst advice??? Oh that is a hard one. Tell us yours, please? :)) I am up for any worst advice, at this point ;)) 😜🤟😅

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    • I’m sure we’ve all killed a few roses on our way through the world! Thanks for reading, and for your thoughts (:

      I’ve never been a fan of the “write what you know” advice that gets tossed around. I get what they’re trying to say, but at the same time if I only wrote characters that were like me, doing things I’ve done or know how to do… there’s just not a whole lot of stories to draw out of that well, I think. Besides, I don’t think limits should be placed on writing, period.

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  2. The worst writing advice I’ve ever gotten, was “Write what’s popular.” If you get famous doing that, the work you really enjoy doing means nothing because the thing you’ll always be known for was the thing you compromised on.

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