Searching in the fray for the story’s end

last of the leatherbound secrets

burned alongside the remnants of Empire

and scattered where the stars fell

alive or dead we never knew

marching single file to the beat of distant drums

through open gateways onto empty avenues

on and on to the high palace 

vaulted halls and a crown over empty thrones

the seat of fading starlight

a song in the void from a mouth long dead

now an echo of the reign of fallen gods

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus! This summer has been all over the place. How is everyone else’s summer going? I moved to a new house, and was caught without internet for a couple weeks while I made my way to the new place. If you’re still here reading I appreciate it so much, and look forward to catching up on everything I missed! Cheers.

Photo by Sophie on Unsplash

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