Curtains drawn to block out the night

the revellers in fields under moonlight

laughter and screams of something, maybe fear

I hope

If the night won’t take them the morning will

and empty then the fields will lie

dew-laden for an hour or two

casting back the looks I’ve thrown to the night

searching for silence in the midst of sound

and waiting now, desperate

for the night to come again

Do you have a goal you’re working toward right now? What is it?

Photo by Nadiia Ploshchenko on Unsplash

7 responses to “Dew-laden”

  1. Lovely, and slightly spooky. The spoken version references bloodshot eyes, as if the narrator has been kept up all night by those revelers. Hope sleep finds them!
    Do I hear crickets in the distance? Maybe my speakers or imagination, but if not, nice touch!
    On the goal front – less than one week away from a very overdue install to finish up a current project on the work side; and improving my overall well-being to enjoy a hike or two during some upcoming travel on the personal side.

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    • Those were real crickets, chirping away outside my bedroom window. I didn’t realize the mic would pick them up, but I suppose it fits in (: Thanks so much!

      Good to hear that things are coming along! And a hike sounds great–hiking is such a good way to reset the mind for a while. Cheers (:

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