Traces of Life

At great distances lies the secret to vision without movement Waves crashing in stop-motion—the artist’s strokes slow, deliberate— Press a button and the whole film plays in seconds Millennia compressed to a bite-sized chunk That still manages to get stuck in the throat Though we didn’t need to breathe, anyway.

Lights Out

There were people inside when the lights went out.The roads emptied, the world was still.Starlight whispered in the night— A million worlds in the depths of nothingWhere we were never meant to go.Find the way through, come back with light For those huddled in the darknessWho wait for the return of sweet air.Cold breath that... Continue Reading →

Please Do Not Enter the Historical Structures

Falling rafters clutch a ceiling in placeDesperate to hold onA carpet of broken bottlesBeneath the bedframes of living ghostsLight and wind play in windows that cannot closeSighing worlds pass by and do not see insideNights breathe cold through cracks in the wallsSearching for lost soulsTo carry to the stars Original Photography

Lakeside Waltz

The trees are barren,Whispering in the breezeOf a winter's night.Upon the lake a dockAnd two wraiths Clad in shadows.Reflections of a thousand lives Ripple on the water Around them.No thought for the lostWho wander in the darkSearching for hopeAmong the stars,The lovers danceAwash in timeDrifting in the space Between worlds Original Photograph

Porch Light

The light is onRain falls heavy from an inkblot skyEyes watch broken glass for secrets reflectedHands caress age-dusted papyrus, seeking an answerBlood falls fresh from a wound opened each day anewEarth drinks deeply of the sanguine dropsBrief fire in the sky sets an aching heart aflameA matchstick extinguished; a forest on fireVoices on the wind... Continue Reading →

The Search for Sand

I see a figure standing hereHidden within the shadowed hallHead bowed in grief, consumed by fearForetelling how the world will fall.  Beside them one who laughs at deathSets fire to their solemn soulThe spark is lit and fanned by breathOf hurricanes and rock 'n' roll  'Cross oceans red with rebels' bloodWith sights set on a... Continue Reading →

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