Out There

Out there they said some things could be remembered

when under the stars and the shifting night

at hours long and colorless they sometimes come

spasms of a kind of awareness

like a gentle knife slid between ribs

But it’s when you come back, they said

and look through windows colored by morning

out to the crawling fields

just before the veil falls tattered into place

the gate hangs closed on rusted hinges

and night’s last breath is mist on cold glass

It’s then only that you’re free

What’s inspired your writing lately?

Photo by Alberto Lucas Pérez on Unsplash

6 responses to “Out There”

  1. I appreciate the cadence in your voice today…slow, methodical and stress on words. As for inspiration….it is lacking for me at the moment…I am overwhelmed with work and want to escape. This is just my medium to do it at the moment. Maybe that’s why my MC wants to fly over the ridge far away. 🕊

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