Missing Sunshine

Storm isn’t enough to describe it

what we resisted as long as we could

stretched to breaking

hearing spines crack; pages litter the floor

spent casings and a gun never fired

left in the dark to rust


until the walls came down to the sound of trumpets

Maybe it isn’t exactly sunny out there

but the fog lifts a little bit

to let through some sense of seasons ending

a grateful sigh, and moving on

The night is on our heels

and the day is in our eyes

Our way is walking on a new page

tracking ink across old lines

adding what we can to the mess

Photo taken by Me. See more (old stuff) on Instagram @mitchel_ring

2 responses to “Missing Sunshine”

  1. Well. I don’t know why your posts haven’t been showing up in my reader… I thought you just weren’t sharing… now I go to your page and see months of missed posts! So, I’m sorry to blow up your feed but I had to at least catch up on some of your work!

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