Wind Across the Sand

Spare me the sandstorm elegy,
Steel wool scouring the eyes of the past,
Lies whispered to calm nightmare whirlwinds
And let us sleep until the final morning

Give me fear in a deep cup—I will drink it
And wallow in the only truth to be had
In this desert of burning deceit
Where the voices of prophets echo off the dunes

Terror waits among the sand
Hands from the sinking pits seek to pull me under
To fill my lungs with a purifying elixir
Scouring the memory of air from within

Escape is to the stars, the light almost gone
A time for rulers past, long forgotten,
This gentle wind against my cheek whispers lies
I once was desperate to believe—no more

I will wander in the land of fire
Here, the madness cannot touch me
Somewhere in this shifting sand is a snake
That choked to death on its own tail

Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay

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