Dead Leaf Weather

Out in the dead leaf weather a man sits Wondering where he was when the embers caught Was he hugging his daughter in the airport terminal Driving the long way home alone Or have weeks gone by since a decade turned to ash?

Lamentation of the Flame

Here stand the worthy at a gatheringBeneath the falling sun, lost in itInoculated against decaying timeThe poison in their veins a balm of fireDrawn from a well at the world’s center.The streets of Elysium are empty tonightRivers overrun by cleansing fireScorching the sky at the backs of the gatheredWho wait out the contagion, calling uponThe... Continue Reading →

Eyes Wide

Laughing faces on the edge of darkness Twisting in the blue-gold light, the digital glow Eyes are windows into shadow, or mirrors And these cliffs that tumble out of the forest To drown themselves in the raging sea From heights lost to a woolen sky...

Fire in the Sky

A mind lost beneath fire in the sky Stands ready to rave against the coming The stars drone and fall to Earth And the moon cannot bear to watch

Watercolor World

Behind that blue wooden doorTwo share a watercolor worldBreathing together in a moment that cannot lastPushing back a reality that isn’t theirs—Isn’t the truth they painted with their lipsIsn’t what the wanted, but what was necessary.Fighting back flames only to douse them with gasolineWhen they meant to use water.Then, when the world is burning,One leaves... Continue Reading →

Burning Slowly

Burned-black crater, half moon of pain amidst desert sandsSomewhere along the riverbank water turns to fire and burnsNo memory of the beginning, only the mid-time flames eruptingLicking edges already blackened by the memory of a lost past.Days gone, spent in ignorance of the coming hellfirePlaying amidst the cool waters, waiting for the shoreline to empty.Steam-scorched... Continue Reading →

Porch Light

The light is onRain falls heavy from an inkblot skyEyes watch broken glass for secrets reflectedHands caress age-dusted papyrus, seeking an answerBlood falls fresh from a wound opened each day anewEarth drinks deeply of the sanguine dropsBrief fire in the sky sets an aching heart aflameA matchstick extinguished; a forest on fireVoices on the wind... Continue Reading →

Ritual By the Sea

When I came to the cove, I knew it immediately as the place I sought. The wind that had battled my advance across the open sea died as I brought my boat around the outcropping of rock that formed the entrance to the small harbor. I did not need to look at the aged photograph... Continue Reading →

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