Please Go Away

what did he say I thought I heard something is he speaking is it my imagination why does he look like that like he knows something like he learned a secret and he’s desperate to tell it to someone I don’t want to hear it I wish he would go away now he’s laughing I think he’s laughing at me I wasn’t even sure he could see me but now I know he’s coming toward me I wish I could run but it’s too late he’s seen me if I ran he would chase me he would catch me I have to stay calm or he’ll know I can see behind his eyes to the secret he’s keeping I just can’t make out the words inside him now he’s talking not to me but at me telling me things I can’t understand I wish he would go away if he finds out I can’t understand him he’ll be mad at me was that a question he’s looking at me like he’s waiting for me to speak what should I say I can’t form words now he knows the truth I was right he’s mad I wish he would go away

Photo by Pedro Figueras from Pexels

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