Please Go Away

I think he’s laughing at me I wasn’t even sure he could see me but now I know he’s coming toward me I wish I could run but it’s too late he’s seen me if I ran he would chase me he would catch me...

Edge of the Cliff

The hand that was not there broke my world The voice with no mouth an echo of insanity And the first step off a cliff I’d always chased Edge over the black depths of silent whispers.

Little One

Little one at the edge of Moon Lake Eyes cast upon the surface Hand grasping at wisps of fog That roll translucent out of the dark waters


Why are you hiding down there?There’s nothing out here that will hurt youNothing to be afraid of.I see you breathingIt’s the only reason I noticed youThe soft rising of your chestOr is that your back?I really cannot tell.Now I see you movingComing slowly out into the light.Please go back.I did not realize— You weren’t hiding... Continue Reading →

The City I Dream

In my dreams I walk through a cityI do not know which, but it is ancient.All around are the great works of its peopleThough they appear unweatheredTheir craftsmen are nowhere to be found.The beauty fills my heart with sadnessAnd my mind with fear.Over everything lies a deep expectancyAs if I am waiting for the comingOf... Continue Reading →

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