Madman on the City Wall

Union of wind and sky over this seascape
Shores in the distance moving away—
Let them go, there are more ahead of us
Unfurl the sails and catch that raging wind
It will carry us through the wide channel
Where we cross over a strange divide.
Are these waters familiar yet?
You’ve been here before, but you don’t remember
The city we sail to will know you as an old friend
Even if you have forgotten
Marble streets carve out a map of your soul
Breathing as you breathe, living as you live,
Fearing as you fear
You will know them when they lie beneath your feet.
Walk as a madman along the ramparts
Feel the rolling sea within your heart
Behind the high walls of the marble city
The world across the waves will be a mystery
And you will not know what you’ve forgotten.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

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