Standing on a Rooftop in the Pouring Rain

It’s standing on a rooftop in the pouring rain
Staring into a thousand glass eyes that light up the night
Wondering why they’re still open
While the voice of a god beats upon the earth below
It’s the empty intersection twelve stories below
Slick with the rain that washes away the day
And the lone car approaching a red light
Three options ahead but only one road to follow
It’s union’s neon glow over the rooftops
Asking who else is taking refuge among the air vents
Waiting for the storm to pass and wishing it would never end
Sharing the lightning bolts with every passing stranger
It’s disbelief that this could happen
Behind rain-streaked glass where we sit and act like it’s all normal
A voice in the night speaking of hallucination
Pointing out at the city and saying: ‘this matters’
And it’s this sweet delusion that almost makes me believe it

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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