Descent through Soundproof Shadow

She paid the ferryman with a gold coin and a lingering glance
No other passengers waited to board
So he pushed back from the dock into the current
Sweeping down to tunnels through the red cliffs
And lights deep within of something almost like a city.
Resignation is the current’s pull
Bleeding it out of veins already thin
Fleeting pulse growing fainter with the separation
Soon her heart will cease to beat for another
Instead falling silent to live out the descent
Lost in the quiet flow of the river.
The last time she spoke is already a memory
Her voice a sound she’s long since forgotten
Now there are only words framed in silence
Given way to this soundproof shadow
In a world that has lost the need for tragedy
Telling a story that began long ago
At the mouth of this unwinding river.

Image by KAVP from Pixabay

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