You, Like the Rising Moon

You like the rising moon give light to this land
Shrouded in night unending
Windows are opening to let in the cool breeze
Playing with the shadows you cast
Your moonbeams in jars put away for the next eclipse
Sipped from pools where they collect on the ground
Or caught in fists to be thrown back at the sky

I may be better off storing some myself
But I’m out on the lawn bathing in your light
Too caught up in your presence to imagine your leaving
Praying the night will stay cloudless
And your mirror the ocean uncovered
Hoping the warmth of this world is enough to reach you
So you might decide to shine down a few hours longer

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

Happy October! My favorite month, even though I was born in November. It’s something about the first cold days of the year, I think, although we’re still waiting for those here in Denver.

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