The Sky Threatens Rain

It’s a memory of dim light
When I saw you on the stairs
And entered the warmth of a world where you existed
Outside the sky threatens rain, and I welcome it
Counting the days until the river is overrun
And the trees bend heavy with the harvest
Then we’ll travel to that place beneath the apple tree
The one along the narrow path, past the gate
You know the place
At the edge of sanity, follow the road and you’ll find it
But not before rain comes to the world
To drive out the ones who might be waiting there
And clear away their footsteps from the path

Image by Alexandra Vlad from Pixabay

Yesterday my post said we hadn’t seen cold weather in Denver yet, and the day that followed was wet, gray, and definitely cold. Coincidence? Probably.

12 responses to “The Sky Threatens Rain”

  1. Do you have to write so dern good for every post? You’re making the rest of us look bad! 😀
    It is a great poem though. I genuinely find it astounding how everything you shared on this site has been consistently good, if not progressively better each time. I do hope that you continue writing. You have a gift.

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