The World Cries Out

The world spins in chaos and defiance
Armageddon on the horizon, but the day dawns anyway
Fields of war rumble as the hordes approach
And even the king rides out this night to battle.
This is the place where madness and truth become one
Where battle-worn is the same thing as standing alone
And atrocity is a household name.
Through this night the world cries out in unison
An unholy longing in the hearts of all
To fall into eternity and wake baptized by fire.
Above us the sky hangs ready and waiting
On a world advancing toward the final day of rest
And here we sit, uncertain and afraid,
Mourning the loss of someone we never knew.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

The picture doesn’t really have a whole lot to do with what I wrote, at least in my mind. I thought it was cool, though.

6 responses to “The World Cries Out”

  1. Very strong and visual poem. Great! Love it…the picture is quite interesting, the combination of the beautiful that can be enjoyable and the beautiful that will be deadly…I don’t mean to say that the mushroom cloud is a beautiful thing, but such a physical reaction creates something awesome that cannot be replicated by anything else…

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