Still They Speak

Still they speak in whispers of the intangible
Silver shadows crawling over the night-soaked walls
Fall silent when I raise my head to listen.
There in the gaps they watch the long hours pass
And fade with the morning, return at dusk
With new stories to tell in a forgotten tongue.
Storms raging behind a soundproof wall
When the room is silent, I’ll know they’ve gone.
A single word would spare me the ceaseless whispers
And send away the shadows to ride the crest of a new storm.
Even now they crawl overhead
Clinging to the dark, to each other
Where the night grants passage to a far-off dawn
Paying me no attention but to fall silent
When I raise my head to listen.

Photo by Dark Indigo from Pexels

This is why I fall asleep with music on every night.

11 responses to “Still They Speak”

  1. Sorry I took so long, you know work, life, stuff. Yeah, I saw it last Tuesday night. There were quite a few people there. I was expecting a lot of ‘thrillers’, and It delivered. I knew they were coming and I laughed even though my skin was crawling at some of them. Lots of screaming and jumping all around. The girl a few seats down from me spilled her jumbo tub of popcorn. It was a fun ride, though I think the first one was done better.

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