I Discarded Infinity

The faces seem all too close together
Muddled against a thousand streaks of color
Voices overlapping, waves in the sea
Calm sky over streets longing to breathe
Milling with souls living lives of long ago.
It’s all the same desire to break away
Yet there’s no action save planning the escape
And the only way out grows smaller by the second.
Some have already left
And now tell the rest of us stories of the lonely beyond—
Hope is a fantasy of the heavens
And yet, every night amidst flashes of the deep
With infinities to count and discard
Longing for all the stars, we dream.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

If you could see one movie again for the first time, which would it be?

I’m torn between La Dolce Vita (1960) by Federico Fellini and Stalker (1979) by Andrei Tarkovsky

5 responses to “I Discarded Infinity”

  1. Beautiful post. Always longing in your prose. I love that. The first Alien movie. Ridley Scott is a genius. Of course I own and have watched them so many times I am embarrassed to say but that first movie I saw in the theater and walked out because I got sick to my stomach when the little monster jumped out and showed his steel teeth. It will be a classic forever in my book. Love ❤️ J

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