I Discarded Infinity

The faces seem all too close together Muddled against a thousand streaks of color Voices overlapping, waves in the sea Calm sky over streets longing to live...

Exist With Me

Exist with me in shades of gray.Become the color in my world— The air in my lungsThe fire in my soul.This ocean, this horizon, this open skyWitness our solitude, completed by each other.Winds whisper to us of the past and future;Beneath us the sea swells high with the truth of now.

What We Made

Sometimes I turn a corner, or open a door to a room I’ve never seenAnd it’s like heaven broke upon the Earth in rivers of color and beauty.For all of humanity’s faults, there is something to be said for the things we create.Beauty for beauty’s sake.Ornaments whose only purpose is to make others smile.The creator’s... Continue Reading →

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