Visions Over the Sea

Where the moon’s reflection meets the city’s edge
I boarded a ferry to cross over with the rest
To a place that has always waited for us
This, the final passage of dreamers
Longing to awaken in a strange new world
I walked among them in dreams of my own
Unseen by eyes filled with visions over the sea
And the laughing wind played around us
I searched for the door to the captain’s helm
With a question forming on my lips
That might fall into existence with a spark
Then wondered if this ship even had a captain
At the bow, starlight in his hair
Hands outstretched over rushing waves below
I found the one who steered the ship
And the question on my lips fell dead into the sea
As I listened to the voice of a man returning home
Speaking for the first time in his native tongue

Image by Elaine Thompson

Growing up, we sometimes rode the ferry from Bremerton into Seattle. If you walked on in Bremerton, there was no charge. We would stand up top against the railing and look down into the water, counting the jellyfish that we passed by. Along the route are some of the most beautiful waterfront homes you’ll ever see. Then, as the end nears, the Seattle skyline rises over the water and swallows the ship whole.

5 responses to “Visions Over the Sea”

  1. I especially like your question as to whether the ship has a captain. Did you intend to imply agnosticism? The captain could symbolize God. This makes me think of a Tennyson poem called “Crossing the Bar.” Just letting you know you’re in good company. Keep writing, and also know that the more you read, the better you’ll be as a writer.

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    • There’s probably a bit of agnosticism in all my poetry to be honest… but I also find myself questioning if there’s actually anyone in charge down here on Earth, too! Hopefully someone knows what they’re doing. Thanks for reading! (:

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