In Search of Something to Massacre

Slow roving shadows over an empty field
Meandering in search of something to massacre
The crowd lining the fences, each wondering if it might be them
When a dream came out of the night of wailing
And a lit match dropped into the center
Far from the faces of the silent crowd
Only a gleam in their watching eyes
A break in this night they’ve always known

The field burns slowly with the distant flame
And the wind carries its embers away
Dropping more light throughout the shadows—
Marvel at the beauty of a world on fire
The revelation of hidden, nameless things
Advancing toward the dark edges
And bringing with them the warmth of that faraway flame
To the silent crowd, transfixed as they marvel at its beauty

Got just about the nicest rejection letter from a literary magazine I’ve ever received today! (:

Image from Pexels, couldn’t find the photographer’s name. It’s such a striking image–I wish I knew who took it!

8 responses to “In Search of Something to Massacre”

  1. Beautiful prose extremely visual. I agree great photo to accompany your writing. It does make a difference how you are rejected. Can’t the editor take the time and grace to find something kind and wish the person the best of luck at least. Grace goes a long way. Keep submitting if you want to be published. Best of luck to you. 💕 Love Joni – and bless the person who wrote a kind rejection letter.

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