Light Beyond the Gate

Here is your mind on paper
Ink and emptiness become you
Each new thought scratched out and examined
Long after you’ve forgotten you ever had it
Somewhere inside here is the key they tried to bury
Waiting mere inches away from the lock it fits
And so hear the screams of fear
The mad rush of power to drown out thought
Before any light can reach beyond the gate
They came for the revolutionaries
And walked streets that offered no resistance
Only after they passed over did the gate open
The broken ones they left behind saw light
And the revolution began

I ordered Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson a few weeks ago, and it finally arrived. Already a huge fan of the movie, so I’m stoked to start reading it. Anyone read it/have thoughts on it? (No spoilers please–unless they’re in the movie, too…)

Image from Pexels. Couldn’t find a photographer’s name once again.

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