Journey Through Strange Light

Waking from a journey through strange light
The leering faces vivid in memory
And the weight of that shadow still pressed against her
Skin marked by the claws she strained against
The stone of that final passageway
Still biting cold beneath her feet
The choking air of a hall filled with screaming
Still caught within her throat
Out in the world, she walks with scars hidden
Only a memory of the vision behind the final door
Horror begging her to release it
The devil in chains, eyes alight with laughter
And the key which even now is grasped in her hand

This ended up having some religious overtones that I hadn’t intended—not exactly sure why!

Photo by Xi Xi from Pexels

3 responses to “Journey Through Strange Light”

  1. Stunning writing.
    I believe the religious overtones are because many spiritual motives became too attached to religious archetypes that we no longer can see or use them without having to think of the according belief/religion.
    It’s difficult to detach from this when it became so engraved into our verbal culture but then again, I think it did for a reason.

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