Empty Canvas

I saw the world come pouring through the window
And fall exhausted on empty canvas
Guided by the hand of a wayward spirit
A grayscale Adam reaching out
To touch the blue white hand of god
But the paint never dried, only flowed
Down to the edge of a broken easel
To rain soft on the floor where I stood admiring
My eyes on the melted face of a leering god
The spirit took my chin and pointed it down
To see pooled in shadow streaks of color
On the floor a vision of insanity
Painted by the soul that lives at its center

Two days away from finishing my first semester of grad school. Feels incredibly strange to be here, but I’m happy!

Photo by Amber Lamoreaux from Pexels

11 responses to “Empty Canvas”

  1. Hello, Mitchel,

    This is about your poem Empty Canvas which I appreciated seeing as it gave cause for me to understand something interesting about it. I am interested here now because I am doing something in my area to show about how thought becomes related thought (also called related nervous system information) I took the united words and wrote a sequence and then the non united words and wrote a sequence which causes your poem to be understood as arranged nervous system information adhering to good and continuable interest span (an interest that relates people to their always circummstance). See if this is understandable to you:

    Flowed color pooled to the center
    Admiring painting is my vision

    A wayward through (integration) falls to fatigue
    A broken gray touch melts leering gods
    Shadows control the rain on the floor of insanity

    I love you very much and you can take your time with everything, Trudy (FYI, This salutation is the same as saying love and peace to you 🙂

    P.S. I tried to send this through your contact page, but the link has expired. You don’t have to place this lengthy comment to your sight. Whatever is agreeable.

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    • Trudy,

      Wow, thank you for taking the time to examine the poem and write your response. “Shadows control the rain on the floor of insanity” wonderful line you were able to pull out from it.

      Sorry about the contact page not working, I checked it out and I think it may work now, though I’m not certain. I’m glad to leave this writeup on my site. I always value responses to what I post (:

      Thank you!



  2. Stunning. I love this poem. The mood, the flow, the picture you’ve woven with your words, the intertwining feeling of worlds. And also, congratulations on the near completion of your first semester! That feeling!

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