Waves of a Silent Sea

From out of the west come visions of gold
Playing in the eyes of a man atop his deathbed
The long moments become waves of a silent sea
Rolling inexorable to the city wall
And to storm carved streets of a wild maze.
So then does the student slay the master
And takes hold of the solemn ritual
Bent low to gather secrets of the earth
Discarded by a slow marching shadow—
A darkness seen ever in the eyes of kings.
He who does not fear the looming shadow
Alone with the world at his back
Walks out into shaded land, to all the world inhuman
A creature whose hands are filled with gold

I stumbled upon a website that has live feeds from webcams in different cities all over the world. It’s a hell of a trip to watch the sun rise over a beach in Tenerife from my apartment in Denver at 1:00 in the morning. Wish I was there…

Photo by Tomek Mądry from Pexels

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