Road out of Sanity

Out in the streets the parade marches on
A thousand masked faces revel in the night
Walking the long road out of sanity
And happy without the world they left behind
There is a trial to complete, waiting at the end
Given out to the masses approaching
It lies chained against the castle wall
Ready for the crowd to break upon it
And recede into the shallows
Wave after wave turns the moat to a river
Roaring around defenses already crumbling
And when the first brick falls
An ocean in their hearts will rise up
To sweep away all that lives behind the wall

Finally saw The Irishman today. Always love seeing new Scorsese, and this movie is nothing short of a monument to cinema. Anyone else watch it yet? What did you think?

Photo by Paweł L. on Pexels

9 responses to “Road out of Sanity”

  1. Great visuals on your prose, you challenge my thoughts. Yes the movie was brilliantly done. How could you go wrong with Robert Deniro , Al Pacino and Pesci? The way they were able to age these legends backwards was priceless, and to see the three of them together was a real treat. A gem indeed. Love Joni

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