Memories of the Lakeside

The stars shimmer and lie still
Far from the hours of intoxication
Our eyes paint works of art in the sky
This lake I dug for you with my hands
Swallows our reflection in a moving world
As we walk the path of conquerors
A new world to grasp and shatter
Lungs heaving with its vapors—breathe in
And sink into memories of the lakeside
Long after we’ve lost sight of its shore
We will create anew its painful beauty
The air around us may fill with smoke
From the fires we left burning on the path behind
But always above us the still water sky
Reflects a vision beyond the dream in our eyes
Of all that we once painted among the stars

I think I’d like to try skydiving before I even consider bungee jumping. More time to watch the ground rush up on me, or something. Also, this is my 200th post! Seems sort of momentous, I suppose. Thanks for reading!

Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

20 responses to “Memories of the Lakeside”

  1. My favorite part of skydiving was actually parachuting at low altitude. I would much prefer the gentle ride of a parachute to the brief rush of a skydive. Also, funny note: the adrenaline totally didn’t even hit me until I landed and was inside the register house for the event. What a frikkin rush! Yikes. Cool beans.

    Congrats on 200.

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  2. You should try sky diving! Went on it a few months ago and during the ride I thought ‘oh, so this is the view which the birds get to see everytime!’ Btw, congrats on your 200th post and I really love your poetries!

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