Further Down the Rabbit Hole

Somewhere along this way was a reason for going
a vision we chased down the path into darkness
or a dream of what we would find
on a blind foray into seething wilderness
Now the clouds seem laden with secrets
and we wait to catch whatever falls.
Listen to the song on the wind
lifting away the veil
Let your face feel the falling drops
that whisper of somewhere further
more to find, if only you go deeper
Let it all collapse in on the center
and disappear with what never was into nothing
There is music playing here
always a note away from the breaking point
until the song ends and a new begins

Re-watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind tonight. I used to think it would be kind of cool to be abducted by aliens. Horrifying, maybe, but the coolest kind of horrifying. It’d be worth it if they taught me how to fly a spaceship…

7 responses to “Further Down the Rabbit Hole”

  1. Have you been inside a rabbit hole? I have. It’s more of a slit joined with a liquid hydrogen passage way. Gotta have supernatural protection to move through and return unchanged. Lot of writing words in there that I do not love. See you above.

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  2. Poetry has never been my strong suit. Had a hard time understanding it gowning up. I think I need to re-evaluate my stance on it. In my old age I feel I would benefit from learning to write a verse or two. I always find inspiration in unexpected places.

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    • It’s one of my favorite ways to explore images and ideas in my mind. My stance on poetry is that it has no rules. I know there are styles with strictly rigid guidelines for syllable counts, stanzas, rhyming, etc. but I’ve always preferred to let it flow and assume whatever shape it does naturally. Once you have the first line, you’re on your way to something

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