Little Barred Window

They sewed my mouth shut and left me here

With nothing but a view of distant mountains

Out of my little barred window

And I’m screaming but the thread won’t break

Scratching but the walls are solid rock

All this time I thought they weren’t even real

But now I’ve drawn little pictures all over them

And the ink stained both the walls and my skin

Sometimes I hear a person’s footsteps outside the window

They never say anything, just stay and wait

And then leave when they realize I’m not talking

And even though I’ve found the end of this thread

I can’t bring myself to tear it out and say something

Only because I know it will hurt like hell when I finally do

We’re now a week away from 2020, any resolutions for the new year? What about for the new decade?

Image by mac231 from Pixabay

4 responses to “Little Barred Window”

  1. We’re often trapped within ourselves, the original imprisoned by fear, anxiety, shame, trauma, etc. We want to speak, though we fear not only hearing our own voice but how others will react.

    As for a resolution, I have one every day, to be better than today and yesterday.

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