City in the Sky

A city in the sky, melting into the horizon Nations gather in the harbor, the deep water below Darkness connection the world by sand bars and shipping lanes

Walk Among the Pines

Eyes unblinking in the hollow of a tree Dead branches reaching out to me Inside the dusk that breathes through the forest. Walk among the pines, light like raindrops on silver needles A nectar not of the gods, forsaken long ago

Come With Me

'Come with me to the end,’ she said.‘I know of a placeWhere the wind tastes of cinnamonRivers flow cold and pure Through meadows of goldAt night clouds departAnd stars fall like snowUpon the mountaintops.Time cannot touch us there.’I listened to herAnd fell more madly in love.We could not knowThe end lay not in golden meadowsOr... Continue Reading →

The Witch’s Tomb

I. He pulls a tattered coat tightly about his shivering body Drags his way down a dim side street through a sleepy village His goal the warmth of a welcoming hearth to pass the night away. Behind him the shades of his past follow in somber procession Calling his name, calling his name But he... Continue Reading →

Our Valley

At home in our valley Beneath the mountain of the Gods Cast ever in the shadow of their splendor While they look not at their feet But out upon the world We, darling, You and I Escape their gaze.   Together we place The world at our backs And will not bow To the pressing... Continue Reading →


Our backs pressed into the grass bent beneath us. Night hid the snow-capped peaks on either side. The sky above was clear—a portal open wide to the heavens. Stars, frozen a million years in the past, held sway over us in their own distant way. Our breath rose in the blackness, a ghostly mist that... Continue Reading →

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